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Below are common questions we get from Client’s. Sometimes simple computer problems can be solved by checking cable connections or restarting your computer. Be sure to note any error messages you receive before calling our tech support to help us quickly diagnose your problem today.

We don’t Have a retail store front, we only offer On-site services to pass the saving on to you for not having the extra overhead.

Yes! we give discounts to Seniors,Military,first Responders & sometime just because.

Yes, However if you move or know someone in need we can continue to service you by remote support. We do it now for our current client’s in other states.

Yes. We only offer On-Site Service along with pick-up/drop-off service if needed. All upgrades, repairs, maintenance and troubleshooting are performed on-site or as pick-up/drop-off depending on the issue you are facing.

Yes. We offer free pickup and delivery in New Jersey at no additional cost.

Some of the date recovery services we offer are the following:

  • Password Recovery for Mac & PC
  • Unable To Boot
  • Unable To Run Or Load Data
  • Data Corrupted
  • Damage or clicking Hard drives Internal or external desktop or laptop
  • NAS Drives
  • Servers
  • Flash drives
  • Virus attacks


  • Inaccessible drives
  • Hard drive failure
  • Hard drive crashes
  • Even Fire & floods

This really depends on how old your computer is and also what is wrong with your computer. Sometimes it isn’t worth spending the money to fix an old computer or is actually cheaper to purchase a new one. We never want you to put good money into bad money.

Of course you can. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. you can contact us any time by calling (908)364-4487 We can have a Tech dispatched to your location anytime day or night. (Additional charges may apply for rapid-response emergency services or service outside of standard installation hours. Ask us for details.)

Yes. We support computer products that were purchased from other manufactures or businesses.  We service all brands of MAC & PC’s.However warranties are not transferable.

Most users will purchase a new system when their current system is too old to upgrade or they don’t want to spend more money on their current computer. The best reason to purchase a new system is because your current system is inadequate for your needs and it may not run the latest software you need.

This depends on what you will be using the computer for most. Some users will purchase a computer strictly to play games on, others will edit videos, and some will just want to surf the web & check E-Mail. Depending on your needs, CompuTech Support can build a new system for you at a reasonable cost we will always help you make the right decision.

We Have all Name Brands. However, CompuTech will work with you to build a system that fits your needs and budget if that works best for you.

Do you find yourself fidgeting while Waiting for a program or Web site to load?
Is your computer too under-powered to run the applications you want to run today?

Is your hard drive too small to store all your “stuff”?

Does it take to long to load a web page or program?

If you can answer “YES” to any of these questions then maybe you need to Upgrade your computer.

CompuTech Support provides one of the most complete computer service in the New Jersey area. Our methods are proven and carried out by Tech professionals. Our policy is to find the most cost-effective solution for our Clients, and to implement that solution to the Client’s complete satisfaction. We explain everything and follow up with all work performed. Our Clients are never confused or left in the dark as to what is being done. We are also the only computer shop in the area who offers Rapid Response Service 24hrs. & don’t ever charge hourly.

Each Client’s situation is unique, but our policy is to provide you with the most cost effective solution while providing exceptional repair service. We offer various discounts also.

Yes. Whatever system set-up you are facing/Needing, CompuTech Support can help you get up and running quickly.   From simple single user computers to complex multi-user networks, we offer cutting edge and cost effective solutions for all types of residential and business needs.

Once we service your computer. As part of our commitment will setup remote access from our office to your home/office to trouble shoot remotely with your approval. A Small fee may apply depending on the services provided.

It depends on how damaged the data is but it’s usually for most Recovery 5 day’s or less. If you need it sooner we can do that too. ( Fee will apply for Emergency recovery )

Yes, That’s our most popular Service, We Custom design a maintenance agreement according to how you use your computer for Call to find out this month’s promotional offer.

We have found that it is Cheaper for the client. If we work on your computer for 20Min you don’t have to pay for the whole Hr. you only pay for just that 20Min. This is what make us stand our from the rest.

Yes, All New Custom computer & branded computers come with a standard 1 Year warr on hardware. & a 30 Day NO Fault Service phone Support as long it is not caused by user ERROR.

Yes, we have all kinds of desktops & laptops to meet all our clients’ individual needs and price ranges. They come with a full 90 Day hardware warranty. However, depending on your needs, a certified computer, in the long run, may add up to the price of a new computer.